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i-Flo Smart ABS Body Glass Lined Geyser 10 L

i-Flo Smart ABS Body Glass Lined Geyser 10 L

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  • Smart- Intelligent Color Changing LED Indicator indicates that the water heater is heating or not. Adjustable Thermostat with three modes low; medium and high heating
  • Protection- Automatic Dry-Heating Detection & Cut-off System. Suitable for High Rise Buildings - Pressure-resistant technology which suits high-rise buildings where water pressure is above normal
  • Technology- Unique Glasslining on inner container prevents the water heater from hard water / saline water. Glasslined Incoloy heating element 840
  • Energy Saving- Low Energy Consumption . Fully PUF Injection integration makes sure the water remains hot for a long time inside 5 star rating- As per BEE Standard for greater energy efficiency & savings
  • Unmatched warranty -7 years for inner tank, 2 years for heating element and over all product. Installation Available in over 18+ cities
  • Product description

    i-Flo brings you new era of smart water heaters. Glass lined Inner Container resists corrosion from hard water. Heating element lasts longer with magnesium anode attached inside. A special anode used with the heat element employs an electrolytic process that protects the heating element from corrosion, thus greatly enhancing its life. Temperature Regulator Makes it possible to regulate water temperature, thereby optimizing energy consumption Pressure Relief Valve Built in PRV Built in NRV Pressure Withstanding Capacity- 15 Floors (8BAR) COLOR CHANGING LED INDICATOR WHILE HEATING AND CUT OFF. WATER LESS PROTECTION SENSOR - KEEPS THE WATER HEATER SAFE FROM BURN OUT HYGIENE - The super polymer coating ensures no contamination whatsoever, providing hygienic water supply for years. GUARANTEE:- 7 Year inner Container 2 Year on heating element

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